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18+ years of learning, innovating, enjoying & sharing

We are a team passionate about what we do; every day we work to perfect the delivery of your educational, graphic design, programming, project management and web marketing needs. Creating the appropriate magic to develop extremely functional, user friendly, virtual education projects.

Since 2001, we have committed ourselves to providing our clients with high quality solutions; enabling electronic knowledge transfer, while leveraging the flexibility and creativity of virtual environments.
How we do it

What we do

We create a learning process that is a fun, interactive and valuable experience

Some Fun Facts about us

customer satisfaction
countries, with multi lingual capabilities
projects days and counting

We create with high levels of interaction, WE DO NOT build“slides with voice over” presentations

Who we are

We are a group of highly motivated friends who have known each other for over 18 years

We came together to share our collective expertise with the world, because we are passionate about what we do. We believe that trust, respect, and understanding client needs are the foundation of our business. Building long lasting relationships is our goal. Achieving your goals is how we our measure our success.

Alejandro Garces

Alejandro Garces

Co-founder - USA Director
Daniel Mejia

Daniel Mejia

Co-founder - Mexico Director
Ricardo Diaz

Ricardo Diaz

Co-founder - Colombia Director
María Lucía Diaz

María Lucía Diaz

Administrative Manager
Maxine Joyce

Maxine Joyce

USA Instructional Designer
Rocio Suarez

Rocio Suarez

Graphic Design Leader

Please feel free to explore a few examples of our work (important note: modules contain proprietary information and can not be shown live. These are static screen shots of our capabilities)

Open video


<strong>Argos – Building a Community</strong>

Argos – Building a Community

<strong>IPPF – Protecting and Promoting Sexual Rights</strong>

IPPF – Protecting and Promoting Sexual Rights

<strong>Bancamia – La Granja de los Sueños</strong>

Bancamia – La Granja de los Sueños

<strong>Argos – Your Role in Environmetal Compliance</strong>

Argos – Your Role in Environmetal Compliance

<strong>Argos – Gobierno Corporativo</strong>

Argos – Gobierno Corporativo

<strong>3M – Curso Virtual “Prevención”</strong>

3M – Curso Virtual “Prevención”

<strong>Profamilia – APV</strong>

Profamilia – APV

<strong>3M – Manual de Entrenamiento</strong>

3M – Manual de Entrenamiento

<strong>Novartis – SGSS</strong>

Novartis – SGSS

<strong>Profamilia – Embarazometro</strong>

Profamilia – Embarazometro

<strong>Bancolombia – El Aliado CRM</strong>

Bancolombia – El Aliado CRM


Philadelphia PA, United States
Ciudad de México, México
 Bogotá, Colombia



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